About Us

Aspiring for a healthy lifestyle is compulsory but it takes a collection of little steps to make bigger strides that will eventually lead you to your goal.

LillySteps.com will be your guide to a fruitful, rewarding and healthy way of life. There are no shortcuts but plenty of footprints that will be your pathway to become a well-rounded individual, cultivated with learning and bursting with energy at the seams.

Where like-minded health buffs converge

LillySteps is your go-to resource for health and fitness information, general and specific. Although the general information will already cover a lot of ground, it’s in the deeper, microscopic reviews and analysis of health issues and concerns that will open doors to more learning.

The team is composed of a prolific group of individuals endowed with the passion to share information gathered from in-depth, extensive and meticulous sleuthing. ALL things that will elevate the quality of life is yours to discover.

It’s like opening a chest filled with amazing facts, interesting findings, and life changing practical recommendations – ALL for the benefit of people who believe they deserve to live a good life, regardless of status.

Our Mission

LillySteps is setting a clearer direction in ways that will be unlike the conventional health and fitness websites. The contents offer “fresh” waves of insights not limited to diet, nutrition, physical training and development. You’ll benefit from other meaningful stuff that you wouldn’t have imagined has a direct correlation to living a healthy lifestyle.

We are not trying to be different but the approach and the fillings will make the difference. Your perspective on what it means to live a full life will fundamentally change as much of the contents are easy to comprehend, immediately applicable, and decidedly beneficial. You’ll get a daily dose of them.

What we do

LillySteps is envisioned to be the top-of-mind resource for ALL health & fitness related issues that matter. It aims to inject new angles to an otherwise saturated space. Be informed.

  • Health issues and the corresponding solutions are based on: concise, scientifically-proven facts; derived from trusted, reliable sources; authority websites; consulted with experts in the medical and other related fields; and provided with verifiable citations.
  • Engaging visual and interactive demonstrations to complement the easy-to-understand blog posts or articles.
  • A daily, steady stream of up-to-date info, trending news, breakthroughs, and current tidbits on important health topics or matters that affect a greater majority of the populace.
  • Learn from in-depth product reviews, step-by-step guides and case studies that apply to daily living, whether it’s mundane, comical, serious or life-threatening.
  • Topics are carefully selected and evaluated, making sure it cuts across all sections of society – age group, personal and professional backgrounds, and industry classifications.
  • Have a strong and powerful connection with readers, establish a channel where health issues can be articulated, addressed and given the appropriate solutions.

Meet Lilly Derrah - Our Chief Editor

Lilly Derrah is a copywriter and content manager of 5 years experience. She writes for multiple networks and blogs specialized in health, yoga and running.

In her free time of writing, Lilly loves to run and practice yoga.

Lilly Derrah - Founder of LillySteps.com

Some of Lilly's latest work:

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